Welcome to my blog. In this first post I would like to introduce myself and the purpose of this blog.
So I’m a software developer with some years of experience and I just realised during my work that as a software developer you need some special knowledge next to your technical skills to be able to achieve your professional goals: better projects, better position, better salary, better company etc. But this knowledge is not really collected anywhere, you need to collect it for your self during your work. What kind of knowledge do I mean? Let me mention some examples:
  • How to give a clear understanding to your manager about your work?
  • How to show to your boss about that you are a good developer?
  • How to get a good job?
  • How to ensure your teammates about your technical proposals?
  • How to avoid stress and over hours?

I know there are several people who have wonderful proposals (team managers, life coaches, trainers, HR colleagues), but based on my experienced you can not always use their ideas easily.
So my idea would be to set up a platform where we, programmers can share our non-technical experience with each other. I’m really looking forward for your comments, experiences and questions. Feel free to share this page to get more audience and more experience. I’m open for new ideas of topics as well.
But don’t forget one point: what I’m writing here is just my opinion based on my experiences, nothing else. Maybe sometimes you will disagree, feel free to share your point of view. Maybe you will think I’m an idiot: in this case sorry for stealing your time. I hope you will enjoy my blog! RelaxedProgrammer

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